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Questions to Ask Before You Start Marketing


Advertising professionals have known for decades that it’s essential to get into the minds of their customers and consumers for them to buy their products. Before you begin any marketing campaign that you want to be successful there are a number of questions that you should be asking yourself. Let’s look at what questions the marketing pros as before they start their campaigns:

  • What are my consumers concerned about? What are their hotspots? What’s on their mind when they are trying to sleep?
  • What are the things that my consumers are afraid of? What’s one of the worst things that can happen to them to do with this particular area?
  • My consumers are angry about something, what is it and who are they annoyed with?
  • What are the top frustrations on my consumers?
  • What trends are occurring in this area and what trends will occur in the life of my consumers that they will have to contend with and be affected by?
  • What do my consumers secretly desire that they don’t want to confess to? What is it that they secretly want to impress people with, or do that they wouldn’t want to admit?
  • How do they make their decisions, is there an in-built bias?
  • Do they have and use their own language that I need to use in the copy?
  • Who else sells something like this and how are they selling it?
  • Who else has been trying to sell my consumers something similar but have failed? How and why did they fail?

Before you begin a campaign, take a piece of paper and spend 10 or 15 minutes thinking about the answers to these questions. You’ll be in quite a different head space once you’ve got them and ready for the campaign that your consumers can relate to and connect with.

Here’s a great place to start, Beginner to Profit System. Have a look and let me know what you think.

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