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We’ve all heard the stories on the news. People being laid off left right and centre – this is actually very good news for some internet business owners. In particular, those that are in the home business niche.

You see, the people who have been laid off are very keen to get some form of income coming into their homes. They often turn to the internet as a way to make money.

As we all know, we all have to start somewhere. Read More→


When I first started out with affiliate marketing, I had pretty much no idea what all these online marketing terms meant. In case you’re in the same boat – here’s an explanation.

CTR or Click Through Rate – the percentage of visitors who click through a link to a vendor’s site. Part of affiliate marketing is to increase the ratio using marketing techniques and tools such as lead capture forms, social media and banners.

Conversion – this is when a customer takes an action that you’ve worked on encouraging.  In particular if you convert them to a customer.

Alternatively it may refer to when they click on a banner, or enter their contact details.

Affiliate Agreement – this is what the contract is called that is agreed between Read More→


After being involved in affiliate marketing for so many years, and making a good living from it – I’ve had a good opportunity to see what really works when it comes to be successful with it.

Here are my top tips for being successful at affiliate marketing:

Landing pages are key
A compelling headline makes a big difference. When somebody clicks on a link and lands on your page, the page should be in alignment with the description that they saw listed. It’s all about good communication. Don’t use too many ads.

For people to buy from you, they need to know why they need to use a product and what it can do for them. Read More→


The internet is way more crowded than it used to be. Long gone are the days when everybody relied on free advertising to grow their website.

It’s become more important to spend money to promote websites well with a good marketing strategy.

In this post I’m going to share with you a few ways that you can promote your site without needing to spend much. This promotion can result in Read More→


Many people make extra income from the internet every day even though they don’t have a website.

Here’s how you can do it too: 

  • Select a product that you can make a commission with a good percentage rate. Usually these will be products that can be downloaded such as ebooks or software. The commission rates on these types of products are generally very good as there is no associated overheads with them. You’ll find commission rates to be in the 50% region for most downloadable products.
  • Join an affiliate membership site. You’ll need to find people to sign up to it, but when they do; you will earn commission every month or a large one off fee – better rates than selling smaller products each time for smaller overall commission.
  • Find a product to sell that you believe in. This is one of the best ways to make money. You can authentically and passionately sell it and it will be in an area that you are interested in and familiar with. You will be provided with an affiliate link to the product, Read More→
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Being able to market effectively online is something that can really bring home the bacon.. Not only will you be able to sell your own products and build brand exposure but you will also be able to work for others. Once you can do it and you know how to do it well, then you are onto a financial win.

A marketer has got a lot of contend with. There’s a lot of competition out there and it’s hungry and gnawing away at your prospects.

Here is what I feel the top 5 skills are that every effective marketer should have:

Being able to listen. You need to watch and listen to what you audience are saying. They can provide you with some valuable insight into what your brand needs. Read More→


Social media is a marketing method that is continually changing. What’s good on it at one moment, isn’t the next. So which channels should you start out on, and how often should you be updating it?

Getting started on social media, is not as tricky as it sounds. Of course, every audience is different and you will need to learn what your specific audience reacts best to, but here are some basic steps to get started:

The most powerful marketing results can be obtained from being where your market is. So the first step is to discover where your market is. The general rule is to promote products to consumers, you’d choose Facebook and Twitter. There are so many people on these sites that you should be able to establish yourself fairly quickly.  Some businesses elect to go with Google+ but it’s a smaller audience (in my opinion).

Take a good look at your compettion to gain an understanding of what type of content your market will react well to. Read More→


In a previous post I shared with you several ideas on how to create content that is low cost in terms of time and resources. In this blog post I’m going to continue with another selection of ideas that will help you to engage and inform your social media fans and followers.

Share Content from others
Infographics, videos, blog posts, there are some really talented writers and content creators out there, put them in the spotlight by sharing something of theirs and they’ll reward you with a share someday.

Day in the Life
Humans love to have insight into what people do all day – we all have such diverse jobs and pastimes. Use this to your benefit by keeping a diary and providing a glimpse into what you do and what your favourite tips are.  Read More→

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Although content could be described as low cost marketing, it’s not completely true. Time and money both go into creating content that is worthy of being read and shared.  Developing ideas and creating a content plan can be challenging, but I’ve pulled together a number of approaches that I often use for my own content marketing so that you can save some time on coming up with your own ideas.

Interview a Client

There can be several pieces of good quality content developed as a result of a 30 minute client interview. Testimonials, case studies, blog posts can all be created. Be sure to get permission first.

Find Questions to Answer

On your travels around social media you are going to come across some fairly interesting questions being asked by Read More→

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There has recently been a news item on Sky News about how people are making big bucks from YouTube and Adsense. Basically people are posting up their best videos, and then adding an Adsense account information to their YouTube account and they are raking in profits from the advertising.

It’s possible to make money from Adsense in other ways too. For example, you can put it onto your blog and it will basically be a passive income. One that you don’t have to do extra work for. 

So what exactly is AdSense?  It is a revenue sharing program that belongs to Google. Every time anybody clicks on the ads that you can set up on your blog, you will receive a small income for that click. Some people have started to earn so well from it, that they have managed to leave their jobs to focus entirely on their blogs.  They work hard and generate traffic for their blog. Read More→

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Marketing is a broad umbrella. In fact, in this blog post I’m going to use it as a description for any contact you have with prospects, whether it’s on a web page or how you answer your phone.  It’s also how you operate on Twitter and Facebook.

Don’t think that marketing has to be expensive, it can actually be very low cost and in many cases free.  Here are some of the techniques that are not only effective, but also low cost to implement:

Find a joint venture partner. Start by making a list of 5 people who offer products that are complementary to yours. Think about some different ways that the 2 companies can help each other by partnering.

For example, if you sell beauty products, perhaps you could partner with a company who sells handbags and offer a voucher for a discount.

Create an email newsletter. The hardest part of any email newsletter is to send them out consistently. Read More→


We all know a highly successful person who is passionate about what they do. The secret to their success isn’t just passion, it’s also persistence and determination. They want to reach their goals and they are passionate about what they’re doing. They have an inner drive that is not just about making money, it’s about being the best in their field.

Success is not possible to reach if you listen to naysayers. You need to reach inside to your personal motivations and your desires. Learn to recognise when you have made a mistake, make changes and rethink your approach. Even the late Steve Jobs said that the difference between successful entrepreneurs and the rest was pure perseverance. Passion is what will convince others that your ideas are good. Persistence will help you to work hard and get good results.

Even if people think that you are crazy for trying to sell products online, when after 3 months you haven’t made a penny. They might try to put your off what you are doing and suggest other jobs for you. You can listen to them, but you need to keep the passion alive so that you can reach your goals. Read More→

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Recently I blogged about how you can use Pinterest to promote your affiliate products. For those who are visually led it’s an exciting arena to connect to leads and to build your subscriber list.

You’ll need to have some quality content written up first. This might include a report, an ebook or even some case studies. It should be on your website with an opt-in form on the page.

Now you’ll need to add an attractive and preferably colourful image that is can also be doubled up as the cover image for your content. Now pin this image to a board that to share your content. Add a short description of the content and a call to action that invites people to your site to grab your content.

Instead of trying to make a sale, push your free resources that require an email address to access.  Read More→

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